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Amy G. RiceArbitration and mediation are expedient more amicable alternatives to going to court. Such options have been used more increasingly to resolve legal cases. Attorney Rice is an experienced arbitrator and mediator who utilizes these methods to help settle her client’s cases faster and more peacefully.

Attorney Rice is a RI Superior Court appointed arbitrator. She can be chosen by other attorneys in case to arbitrate their case.

What is arbitration? It is when an experienced attorney holds a private and an informal hearing in a law office conference room where the arbitrator basically serves as a judge. The plaintiff, who is the moving party goes first in presenting their case with witnesses and documentation the arbitrator reviews and considers. The other side, Defendant then gets to cross examine and present their case. The arbitrator considers all and issues a written decision. It can be binding or not binding on the parties. This means they can agree to either and if non-binding then either side can reject the decision. Either way it is excellent to have third party (independent person) weigh in on the case, which usually helps spur settlement. A RI Superior court judge urges arbitration or mediation before proceeding to trial.

Attorney Rice is a trained mediator and member of the RI Mediator’s organization. Mediation is a voluntary and private process where parties to any court dispute meet with a mediator, as a neutral third party, who assists them to reach an agreement on matters they have in court. Mediation typically is done with only the parties but can be done with attorneys. Mediation is advantageous because the parties control the outcome, it reduces delay & costs, is more flexible, helps prevent damage to relationships and can narrow issues.

The difference between the two is that in arbitration the arbitrator issues a decision, whereas in mediation the mediator helps the parties reach a mutually agreed upon decision.

Arbitration and Mediation are effective in most cases and are becoming the preferred method for addressing legal conflicts.

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